Aquamarine Crystal Specimen 'Museum Quality'

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Incredible museum quality Aquamarine is Sea God Neptune's Holy Stone. An Aquamarine crystal always amazes.

Aquamarine is the seer's stone. You can incorporate it into psychic ritual work. The stone can aid you in meditation and break down mental barriers to help you move beyond physical reality. You can use aquamarine to help strengthen your aura, or the energy field that emanates from your body.

Dimensions 2.76 x 1.16" x .86"
Weight: 450 carats ' 3.2 oz

Aquamarine Keys - Cooling, Soothing, Enhancement of Clear Communication
Chakras - Throat (5th) Heart (4th)

You can also use it to strengthen your personal power and balance your mind, body and spirit. If you are working with sea deities in ritual, aquamarine can aid you in opening up a channel of communication with the water entities. In dream work, aquamarine signifies happy friendships or the meeting of new friends.