Aquamarine Herkimer Diamond Pendulum

A pendulum of exceptional quality, set in .925 sterling silver.

Dimensions: 1.7" x .71" in. Total length w/ chain 7" inches
Weight: 11 grams

Aquamarine Keys - Cooling, Soothing, Enhancement of Clear Communication

Herkimer Diamond Keys - Dreams, Visions, Purification, Spiritualization of Physical Life

Customer Reviews

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Antonella B
Aquamarine & Herkimer Diamond Pendulum

The Aquamarine& Herkimer Diamond Pendulum is an exquisite item and holds a very powerful energy and cannot wait to work with it!
The package was of good quality too!

I cannot say enough about this experience. I am about to buy a second pendulum.

The original one is so perfect for a gift. So I’m getting one for ME! The shipping was super fast, the wrapping was beautiful and the gift was beyond lovely. Thank you so much!!

Lovely Pendulum, the perfect addition for my healing practice

This Aquamarine/Herkimer diamond pendulum is so beautiful and has such a sweet, gentle, calming, loving, kind, and healing energy about it.
Initially I was intending to use this pendant as a tool in my Energy Medicine Healing practice. Interestingly, I have connected so powerfully with it on an energetic level that I have been carrying it with me everyday since receiving it. It has given me so much already (healing/calming energy, and guidance). I can tell that this pendulum will be a powerful tool in my practice and look forward to using it with my clients.
Came in lovely packaging and beautiful message included. It shows how much this vendor cares and believes in their products.

Stunning pendulum

Love it thanks

Maija murphy
Gorgeous, quality made, unique pendulum.

I really love mine!