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Stunning Aquamarine Crystal Specimen A ++ Collector Quality

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Dimensions 1.16 x 1.21" x .50" (1.44" tall on stand)
Weight: 6 grams / 10 grams including stand

Key - Cooling, Soothing, Enhancement of Clear Communication
Element – Water
Chakras – Throat (5th) Heart (4th)
Some say it was found in a mermaid's jewelry box, for some it is Sea God Neptune's holy stone; varied as the legends are, an aquamarine never ceases to amaze. With every gemstone possessing unique healing properties, what makes the aquamarine so special. Aquamarine is the seer's stone. You can incorporate it into psychic ritual work.

The stone can aid you in meditation and break down mental barriers to help you move beyond physical reality. You can use aquamarine to help strengthen your aura, or the energy field that emanates from your body.