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Aqua Aura Lemurian Seed Pleiadian Starbrary Twin Crystal AAC-6

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  • Dimensions:  2.55"  x 2" x 1.61" inches
  • Weight:  86 grams \ 3 oz
  • Keys: Calming and Relaxing, Connection with Spiritual Realms, Enhanced Communication, Psychic protection
  • Chakras: Throat (5th) Third Eye (6th) 
  • Crystal Properties: Pleiadian Starbrary, Tantric Twin, Integration Transmitter

Pleiadian Starbrary Crystals are from the Pleiadian System, are recognized by the geometric symbols along their sides - circles, squares, triangles These have the strongest energetic links with the people of both Atlantis and Lemuria.

Tantric Twins single-mindedly work to assist you with human relationships of any kind. They prepare you to allow your twin essence or soulmate into your life at a very high energy level. Tantric Twins are extremely effective while working with the bond of two individuals who are already intimately connected.