Aqua Aura Quartz Angelic Star Pendant

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AQUA AURA ANGELIC STAR PENDANT - The Angelic Star is cut according to principles of sacred geometry in the form of a six pointed star resembling angel's wings.

Designed to facilitate the bearer's connection with Divine Awareness, provide access to the Ancient Wisdom Teachings in the Universal Storehouse of Knowledge, the Angelic Star opens a clear channel of communication to Angelic Realms.

Wearing an Angelic Star over the thymus gland, located between the throat and heart, aids in alignment of the wearer's energetic bodies with the Original Blueprint for Soul Evolution contained in the individual's Star Seed.

.925 sterling silver

Dimensions  1.1" x 1" x 0.375" 
Complimentary 18" sterling silver chain & black velvet box

Keys- Calming and Relaxing, Connection with Spiritual Realms, Enhanced Communication, Psychic Protection

Aqua Aura has an intense energy reflecting the alchemical process that bonds gold onto the purest Quartz. Aqua Aura heals, cleanses and calms the aura, releasing any stress and healing holes. It then activates the chakras, especially the throat where it encourages communication from the heart.

It is a protective stone that safeguards against psychic or psychological attack. It bestows profound peace during meditation. In conjunction with other crystals, Aqua Aura enhances their healing properties. Aqua Aura is an excellent crystal to use for distant healing and healing in general.

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Aqua Aura Angelic Star Vogel Cut

I have owned several of these and sell them to folks that need this protection. Without a doubt this is going to bring a resonant field of protection around the person that wears it. My new one has taken a bit of charging to get up to speed. I am curious as to why now I have to wear it with the third angle out not the main surface triangle like I have in the past to get the "illumination". The SOD is worn with the male triangle out for protection and inwards to be bringing in Positive Energy for use in a Sacred Space. This is how Vogel designed these pieces. It seems to have shifted now and we must be or I must have stepped into this without my true understanding. Funny how you discover new things. The Angelic Star has this ability as well. Thanks for your beautiful packaging and presentation. I have purchased before and will again truly a "doorway to power". Be the Change you are meant to be.

My necklace is everything I hoped it would be.

It’s beautiful, very nice chain too. Shipped fast, thoughtful packaging. Wearing it right now! Love.

Kristina Kiraly
Absolutely stunning piece, high quality, very fast shipping.

Can't wait to buy more beautiful pieces from this shop!

The pendant arrived today. I couldn’t wait to write a review.

Words cannot express the beauty of this piece. I feel truly blessed. Your artistry is inspiring and otherworldly. Thank you for the extra gift, message and the little crystal. Magnificently packaged. Totally loved. Namaste

Stephanie Taylor
This pendant's beauty is in its simplicity. From the strong geometric lines

to the clear beauty of the Aqua Aura, it is both soothing and relaxing and I LOVE watching the way the light reflects in the stone to make the "angel wing" effect. This came beautifully wrapped, cleaned, and packaged with a card, I love it!