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Angelic Pink Opal Crystal Sculpture 'Museum Quality' XL 13 lbs

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Angelic Pink Opal Crystal Altar Stone displaying amazing and beautiful patterns of rich and milky pink, and their vibrational currents go straight to the heart.

“Pink Opal is all about love. Its currents circulate in and around the heart, offering support, healing and strength to the emotional body. These are among the gentlest of stones, encouraging one to realize that one is always loved--that in fact the very atmosphere of the Universe is love. Pink Opal aids in healing reactive habit patterns brought about by repeated emotional wounding.

This most frequently occurs in family situations, and this plays to the strength of these stones. Their predication is to open our eyes to the love in our environment--even the misguided love of those who have wounded us. It is thus a stone of forgiveness and self healing. And when we heal ourselves, the effects miraculously spread out to include our families, friends and loved ones. This is resonant with the archetype of the Wounded Healer, who heals others by healing herself.

Pink Opal provides the energetic impetus and support for one to make this dynamic into a real pattern in one’s life.

Artisan polished front of crystal, raw and natural backside.

Dimensions: 12.5" x 8.5" x 4" inches
Weight: 12.8 lbs | 5805 Grams (Big)

“In a similar vein, Pink Opal helps one to become aware of one’s Inner Child. This being exists within all of us, and it is very important. The Inner Child holds the traces of the wounds which have come to shape our personalities, as well as the natural joy and exuberance that is childhood’s hallmark. By becoming conscious of the Inner Child, we can minister to her (or his) unmet needs, dissolving the bonds which may have tied us down emotionally. In so doing, we also unleash our pent-up joy and childlike pleasure in life, without which life can be a sad and dreary affair.

“Angelic Pink Opal is a stone of general happiness, within the context of an inner atmosphere of love. It is good for the heart, both emotionally and physically, and it teaches us to listen to the heart’s voice--the small, quiet, persistent voice of inner truth.”