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Pleiadian ET Star Elder Andara Crystal Pendant 14k Gold

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Rare High Frequency Pleiadian ET Star Elder Andara Crystal Pendant set in 14k Gold, from Mt Shasta with misty white veil of light with hints of opalescence radiates its Cosmic spirituality.

"We of the Galactic Federation are fully aware of our role in the end times. We await our orders to proceed with the final open contact with you.... We work with your Mother Earth, and the Inner Earth Beings of Agartha, and together we represent your release from the last gasps of the dark forces, We will help shoulder the burdens of change. We will work with the ground crew to lay the fertile field of the New Earth."

Andara', meaning 'Light of Beauty and Perfection'

These come from one of the Earth's high-energy vortex sites in the High Sierra Nevadas of northern California, Lady Nellies Land

Dimensions 3.3" x 2.075" x .73" inches
Weight 34 grams ' 1.2 oz.

This is the Eternal Spring. Light bright radiant green, this Andara energizes and supports new growth and rebirth. It's vibrant color unlocks one's hidden potential, moving one from their current level into the next. Like the acorn whose destiny it is to become a mighty oak, so too are we destined for a far greater purpose.

What distinguishes true Andaras from obsidian imitations is that there is always Etherium (prima Matra) present in genuine Andara Crystals. Etherium is a very rare combination of over 70 minerals that has a profound effect on our body and our subtle energy fields. The only available source of Etherium in the world is found on Lady Nellie's land where the Andaras are present.

True Andaras work with your DNA, greatly accelerating your perceptions by calibrating you mostly while you sleep, (Giving you lots of dreams).They work in your Heart and they work wonderfully with your intentions.

Andaras Bring Gifts of:

Automatically expand your state of awareness
Increased access to universal knowledge
Activates the ability to channeling

Accelerates the spiritual development process
Creates a bridge between ethereal and physical dimensions
Manifest and create automatically by inserting your intention
into the Andara's Energy Field

Clears and Balances Chakras Automatically
Builds trust within Automatically
Focuses on Working through the Heart
Raises your frequency of energy to a much higher rate

Each ANDARA is unique and we feel honored to be a part of the process in your connecting to those you are drawn and use in your spiritual lightwork.