Amethyst & Herkimer Diamonds Pendulum .925 SS

A rare Amethyst & Herkimer Diamonds pendulum of exceptional quality.

Dimensions: 1.53" x .56" in. Total length w/ chain 7" inches
Weight: 11 grams
.925 Sterling Silver

Keys - Protection, Purification, Divine Connection, Release of addictions
Chakras - Third Eye (6th) Crown (7th) Etheric (8th and beyond,above the head)

Amethyst embodies the Violet Flame, using its healing power on all levels. Highly useful in meditation and one of the most effective as it calms emotions. More than most Quartz Crystals, it quiets the mind allowing connection to spirit. It opens & clears the third eye and crown Chakras, which accelerates the development of intuitive and psychic abilities.

Herkimer Diamonds

Keys – Dreams, Visions, Purification, Spiritualization of Physical Life
Chakras - Third eye (6th) Crown (7th)

HERKIMER Diamonds are powerful attunement crystals. Here we have one of the larger, clear ones that is more powerful than the cloudy ones. These receive, transmit and amplify energy with their double terminated ends. This is a powerful stone that connects you to higher realms and psychic abilities. It gives you vision and guidance from the higher sources and consciousness. It clears your chakras and energy centers. It is also used for past life access to recognize blockages that need to be transformed to move on to your truer purpose. It also activates your light body. It is an excellent detoxifier as well and also protects and shields you from radiation, electromagnetic, emf, stress and pollution.

This beautiful Herkimer Diamond is double terminated so the energy is going to move through here at a penetrating and rapid rate. It is a powerful stone that can create a vortex of energy to pass through it and to the area you are working on, or chakra center you are working on. Double Terminated crystals draw in and emanate energy from either end so they are able to unify their energy and then project it forth in a blended, unified and powerful manner. They are balanced with complete polar ends so also show us how to balance energy in ourselves.

Customer Reviews

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Tammera W
Incredibly Beautiful Pendulum!

I have ordered many pendulums (and other items) from Doorways to Power and each is a stunning and powerful piece.

I wanted to tell you that the pendulum arrived! Thank you so much for your reassurance.

The pendulum is beautiful and I can feel the magic in it. It's gorgeous!

Thanks again!

Lots of love and blessings,

Caroline 💜

Jennifer Racanelli
Stunning! This is my second pendulum from this shop.

Absolutely beautiful energy. 💜 If you’re into pendulums you must have one from them! They are amazing to work with.


This pendulum has great energy, the crystals are high quality and match each other perfect. As all the crystals from this blessed seller has this very special energy I feel everybody should have - they are treasures and beings of love & light in life <3 Thank you so very much <3

Beautiful pendulum!

Thank You.