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Colombian Amber Crystal 'Stone of Universal Manifestation'

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Amazing Polished Colombian Amber Meditation Crystal

'The Stone of Universal Manifestation'

Colombian Amber enhances well being and wholeness in the body and energy field. A favorite stone for self-healing!"

Amber is often called the stone of Liquid Sunshine…yellow for the midday sun and orange, for the fiery sunsets; it was at one point in a more liquid state prior to solidifying into the gem we now know. History tells us that it was one of the very first stones or substances to be used for adornment. Specimens of such adornment date back to 8000 B.C.E.

Dimensions 1.33" x 2.88" x .67" inches
Weight: 18 grams
Origin: Colombia

Amber also holds its own electric charge, it is interesting that the word “electricity” was said to be derived from the Greek word “electron” which, of course, means amber.