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Amazonite Healing Crystal Energy Bracelet Blessed & Energized

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These Amazonite Quartz Healing Crystal Energy Bracelets have been powerfully blessed and energized at one the most powerful vortexes in the world, that sits on a crystal plate 270 miles in diameter.

Used extensively by the Egyptians Amazonite is known as the STONE of TRUTH, bringing honor, communication,integrity and trust. It has been said to enhance intuition, psychic powers, creativity and intellect. Amazonite is often associated with the throat chakra and is said to be beneficial to communication.

One size fits all
Weight 13 Grams

Amazonite Keys - Truth, Communication, Harmony
Chakra - Heart (4th) Throat (5th)

It aligns the physical and astral bodies, and also assist with making a peaceful transition out of this life. As a protector it also acts as a filter for negative energy and can block geopathic stress. Amazonite is one of those special stones like fluorite that can absorb electromagnetic smog. Also absorbing microwaves and cell phone emanations.

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John R
Very nice, great for gifts,


Melissa M
Fast shipping!

Thanks so much!

Beautiful, powerful bracelet!

I bought 2 of these, both gifts. They loved them. Great quality, color, size. Thank you!