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Agni Gold Danburite Crystal - Tumbled & Polished Gemstone #3

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Agni is the Sanskrit word for first, and this stone carries the stream of the inner holy fire of the great central sun.

Dimensions .57" x 1.76" x 1.07" inches
Weight 14 grams
Keys: Clarity, truth, inner silence, spiritual courage, angelic connection, the great central sun
Chakras: Heart (3rd) crown (7th) Soul star (8th)

Agni Gold Danburite emanates a more physically active form of Danburite energy, assisting one in acting courageously upon spiritual information and insight. Its energy assists the learning process and the transformation of information into knowledge. Like other manifestations of Danburite, this golden variety carries a sweet Angelic energy.
It helps one perceive, where one's power has been misused in the present or in the past, and assists one in clearing those patterns and experiences from the karmic record.