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8.25" John of God 12 Sided Vogel Healing Wand 'Consciousness''

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"The Soul, the intention of life force, is to bring life into being. When the Soul enters the unit cell, it draws to itself the replication of its own image. You see that with crystals and with God and man." - Marcel

* Dimensions  13.3 oz | 376 grams
* Weight  8.25" x 1.45" inches
* Crystal Properties: Devic Temple & Rainbows
* Authenticity Card

"A powerful tool, Ideal for use by vibrational healers, Reiki therapists and other energy workers"

Twelve-Sided Vogel: ability to create a casual reality with others with a focused consciousness, effective in receiving information or create spaces of thought. 

They are loco motivators; the little engine that could multiply infinity to the infinite power, that covers every spectrum of every reality. It can be used as a powerful cleanup crew, and excellent and efficient manifestor tools.