Shiva Lingam or Narmada Lingam are oval shaped stones made of cryptocrystalline quartz. They are found in the Narmada River, one of seven holy sites of India. The stones are gathered from the river and hand polished. The oval shape is a phallic symbol of Shiva, the famous Hindu god. It has been used for centuries in religious practice of Hinduism, and now it is recognized for its healing and grounding powers. The shiva lingam represents both the male and female, and is a stone of fertility. Each lingam has a unique pattern and represents the union of universal harmonies. The body of the gemstone represents male energy. The markings or ‘Yoni’ depicts female energy, wisdom and intuition.
Uses - Kundalini Activation, Vitality, Prana, Spiritual Transformation & Rebirth, Enlightenment,Oneness with All