Rhodochrosite is a beautiful, deep pink to pink orange banded stone. It is a high energy conductor with its high copper content.  It warms and soothes the heart inspiring feelings of love and compassion.  It raises consciousness and spiritual awareness. The white line found within it is the channel of white light energy that comes from the crown chakra to the body.  It helps you see things you don’t want to see so is also good for eyesight.  It helps you to accept the truth about fears, emotions and situations you have been avoiding. It is a powerful heart teacher that shows you how to process and reabsorb the challenges that have hurt the heart. This is a beautiful, powerful healing stone that will inspire self love. It is also a stone that helps heal any issues around sexuality. Be it past abuse or issues with low libido.  Rhodochrosite instills and encourages feelings of passion and spontaneous expression of the romantic nature where it has been lacking in one’s life.