Red Amethyst combines the energy of the Amethyst and the rich red of the Hematite inclusions. 
Amethyst is the stone of spirituality, contentment, peace.  It opens up the third eye and crown chakras and it ignites the psychic awareness and aids you in deep meditation and awareness. It quiets the mind. It is the violet flame of truth and wisdom. It clears the higher chakras and is protective within these higher realms. It is used to connect to the divine. Amethyst is protective, healing and uplifting in all ways which accelerates the development of intuitive and psychic abilities.
Hematiteis a beautiful, silver metallic stone that has a shiny, mirror surface. It is a major physical cleanser and purifier. It has a powerful grounding and protecting ability over the body and soul. It blocks and shields negative energy intrusions and dissolves negativity. It is a great stone to balance the mind and bring focused clarity when trying to work out problems.  It helps you see the lesson in challenging matters and shows you how to overcome overindulgence in food and other things you ingest so you may re-balance the energy in your life. It gets you back to connecting with what is healthy for you. It also strengthens the will, especially for women.
Uses - Protection, Purification, Divine Connection, Psychic, Grounding, Manifestation, Making the Spiritual Physical

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