Libyan Desert Glass works to increase profits in business. It also brings together groups and increases new ideas. It brings luck, and helps you learn what you must in this lifetime and know what must be done. It benefits sensitive people, especially 'Star Children' who sometimes find difficulties being on the Earth plane, with it's heavy energies, mainly the energies caused by the pain and suffering currently being experienced in the world today. It is said to be a stone of Expansion, Compassion, Universal Love and Enlightenment, carrying with it the energy of the cosmos. The carved piece, found in Tutankhamen’s breast plate/necklace, was designed to be worn directly over the heart and it is believed that by placing a piece over this area you will be able to activate the higher heart chakra, channeling cosmic energy directly to it.They may also help these individuals reconnect to the otherworldly places that were once their homes; to reunite them with their Star Families and other Star Seeds, while also grounding them in the Earth plane so that they may get on with the task at hand during this incarnation. They also resonate with, and transmit the Golden Ray, which is the highest light vibration the physical body can receive.
Uses -  Confidence, Mental Acuity, Psychic Protection, Access to Akashic Records, Manifestation, Realizing Personal Potential