Citrine with its beautiful golden color is the symbol for peace and wisdom. It brings clarity of thought and stimulates the mental faculties’ thus refining concentration.  Like the golden rays of the sun, it is warming, calming and soothing and aids in depression and low moods. It doesn’t need cleansing and it absorbs and transmutes negative energy so its protective. It is uplifting, cleansing and purifying and regenerating. It cleanses the chakras.  Citrine develops such mental clarity and focus that it will draw much abundance and prosperity through the use of the creative energies. Citrine brings gain to those who use it for positive manifestations.  The golden ray of Citrine is also the color of the crown so it activates and draws golden energy through the crown and down the bodies energy centers.  It is a protective stone to those who are sensitive to energy and can also help in the digestion of food and information. It is the best stone to use for manifesting earthly matters, such as work, money, relationships, education, business, family etc. Its golden light force is refined, dynamic and directed.
Uses - Cleansing, Abundance, Manifestation, Protection,Success, Wealth, Focus, Absorbs Negativity