Black Tourmaline is a powerful magnetic stone. When it is heated and cooled or rubbed with pressure, the crystal will become electrically charged.  One end becomes negative, one end becomes positive. One end pulls in and one end pushes out. The striations on the sides mean it will work quickly and unite all energies it is working with. The lines channel light that will immediately transform negative into positive energy vibrations. It is a protective stone that will bring inner and outer balance. This is a compassionate stone that knows no fear. In this way it will transform any sorrows and fears and bring trust back into the heart. The striations on its surface are in triangular cross sections and it is the only mineral that has three sided prisms. The three way light refraction of this stone makes this a very powerful healer. When you add any light it is the instant activator on all levels.
Black Tourmaline is one of the most beneficial of the black crystals. Its an electrical transformer and it deflects negativity rather than absorbing it. It forms a protective shield to anyone who wears it and works with it. It is used to protect against electromagnetic pollution, emf, radiation and cell phone rays. It also protects you against any negative energy or psychic attack. It brings good health and increased energy to those sensitive to the emf pollutants so is a must have stone with all of the emf pollution we are surrounded with these days.  This is a wonderful crystal for protecting and cleansing our air and surrounding environmental energy.
Uses - Grounding and Protection