John of God Crystal Triangle Pendant Fine A +++ Faceted Gemstones

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John of God Crystal Triangle Pendant  Fine  A +++ Faceted Gemstones set in .925 Sterling silver. "These gems are A+++ Fine Quartz acquired in Brazil, charged and programmed with the spiritual energies which come through the healer/medium known as Joao de Deus or 'John of God'.

Dimensions: 25 mm tall x 18 mm wide
Stones: 8 mm Faceted Trillions
Weight: .10 oz
Authenticity Card

John of God’s healing clinic, The Casa, sits atop what is known as the world’s largest quartz deposit. There is considerable speculation that the particular healing atmosphere of the Casa is facilitated by the presence of all of this quartz, resonating in harmonious accord with the healing entities who work through 'Medium Joao'.” —RS

John of God Casa Crystal Energies..

John of God Crystals are imbued with the healing light and compassionate energy of the entities of Casa Dom Ignacio, Abadiania, Brazil. For over 30 years, Medium Joao ("John of God") has been channeling these entities of light, love, compassion, and peace, bringing miraculous healings to millions of visitors. The Crystals are originally sourced from mines mostly in Goias, central Brazil, not far from the Casa.   Once at the Casa, the crystals are programmed by the entities of the Casa Dom Ignacio, specifically to benefit the healing of all people touched by the Casa energy.

A ray of light is a metaphor for divine energy. Crystals play with light, direct it, concentrate it and magnify it. That is why a gem sparkles when you hold it in your hand. Now, imagine that the sparkle you see when you hold a crystal from the Casa in your hand, or on your body is not the sparkle of light, but instead it is divine healing energy entering your body. As the energy enters your body it re tunes the energies that are there, returning them to the vibration of peace and harmony that you are when your spirit is not in a body. Your body is an imperfect container created by you and for you as a learning tool. The healing that you receive from the entities of the Casa through these crystals is part of that lesson. The healing will remind you, both consciously and unconsciously of what you willingly forgot when you chose to accept the Adventure of Earth.

You can work with Casa Crystals in any way that you will allow. They will provide their returning function whether or not you use them with intention. However, when used with intention, Casa Crystals become much more powerful, and you will begin to see manifold and manifest change in your life.

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Hi Shilona, All of the crystals arrived safely. What an experience to have so much

energetic support and love arrive at once! As always, very grateful for your guardianship of these stones.

Thank you so much for the gift of the carnelian heart, who is already powerfully reminding me of courage and strength. I am also very appreciative of the crystal "wand". I will be engaging with both of them during this new time of life, and they have joined my altar along with the other three hearts.

Thanks again Shilona for so much….feeling overwhelming gratitude for all that you are…



I love it and wear it all the time

This item came quickly and was well packaged .