Violet Flame Opal has been used to activate and open the base chakra, third eye and crown chakra. It brings a brightness to the third eye so visions have increased 'brightness' so it is excellent for visioning and gaining answers to questions. It intensifies the energetic connection between people. Purple opal is a symbol of royalty and luxury and has been used to access the kingdom of Leon to gain techniques with respect to increasing ones wealth.
Purple opal has been used extensively to connect with Pieione, a beautiful star in the Pleiades, to gain information about the true workings of our universe, to gain information in respect to energy transfer and energy balance, and to connect with the star people of the Pleiades. It has also acted to increase the intensity of light which one perceives such that darkness is more filled with light.
Uses - Visions, Increase Divine Light, Pleiades Connection, Wealth, Open Third Eye and Crown Chakra