Synergy Twelve 12 Crystals are perhaps the most powerful grouping of stones in the world, yet discovered for positive transformation and upliftment. They work together in any type or combination. These stones will work with your higher self and act to connect with you and guide you to your path and destiny. Due to their high vibration they work deeply and the more time that you spend connecting and working with the stones, the more you will evolve and open up to your abilities to visualize and manifest that which is your destiny and lifes purpose. That which is your greatest self will begin to materialize quickly through your work with these stones. The high vibration and high frequency of universal light energy that they radiate will allow your forward path to be illuminated in truth and wisdom through the higher consciousness of the Divine Light Source that is Love and Awareness in Compassion and Truth. 
Allow yourself time to connect with these stones as they decide to arrive to you and know that how and when they find you, you will be ready to work with them and continue your evolution. For this reason you may find you get one at a time, or a couple at a time. They may come to you in any form, Perhaps one will come in a pendant, one may be an altar stone, one may be small, the size of a pea, and yet another may be a sphere or tumbled stone. In whatever form they come to you, as each one makes its way back to you to work with you, you will feel their power and your work together will be your own, all the while you will feel yourself evolve and become ever aware of your lifes path and destiny and the Universal Flame will be felt as you activate and reach the highest vibrations of your inner self.

Everyone who works with the Synergy Twelve Stones transforms into higher consciousness and awareness and it happens quickly with the aid of these powerful stones. That you are reading this and are here show that you are ready to begin your inner journey with the Synergy Twelve.  Select the link to be taken to our current available selections for each type of synergy 12 stone.


Synergy Twelve Stones

Satyaloka Quartz
Tibetan Tektite

Uses - High Vibrational, Inner Awakening, Lightbody Activation