Libyan Desert Glass Aka Libyan Gold Tektite 2.8 million years old

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Beautiful & Powerful Libyan Desert Glass Aka: Libyan Gold Tektite A+++

Libyan Desert Glass is thought by most scientists to have been formed by a meteor strike some 2.8 million years ago, and thus is thought to contain substances of both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial origin. This unique, extremely rare mineral of unearthly origins resembles the volcanic glass known as obsidian and has much in common with the highly prized and extremely rare gemstone called Moldavite.

Dimensions 1.43" x 2.6"x 1.47" inches
Weight: 1.6 oz. - 44 grams

Keys: Confidence, Mental Acuity, Psychic Protection, Access to Akashic Records, Manifestation, Realizing Personal Potential.