Ascension 7 Stones Satyaloka Azeztulite, Danburite, Nirvana Quartz & Petalite Crystal Pendant

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Exquisite & High Vibration Ascension Stones Clear Azeztulite, Satyaloka Azeztulite, Satya Mani Quartz, Golden Azeztulite , Petalite, Danburite & Nirvana Quartz Gemstone Crystal Pendant, set in 925 Sterling silver

Length 1.49" inches tall
The Gemstones are Faceted 4 mm Rounds

This is the most powerful combination we have yet discovered for facilitating vibrational ascension to higher levels of awareness and a more awakened Light Body. -RS

Azozeo Super Activated

Satyaloka Crystals are powerful and rare stones are from the Satyaloka area of southern India and have been gathered for you by the monks at the Satya Loka monastery for the purpose of spreading the energy of crystal enlightenment.

Danburite - The metaphysical community prizes Danburite for its ability to connect the bearer to sources directly to sources of Higher Wisdom and to vast libraries of information located in the "akashic records". "Akasha," in Sanskrit, means brilliant, & shining & luminous.

Satya Mani - Spiritual Truth and Enlightenment

Golden Azeztulite - Keys: Attunement to Golden White Light, Light Body Awake
Chakras: Heart, Third Eye, Crown, Soul-Star Trans Personal

"Carries the high vibrational energy of the Great Central Sun. It raises the vibrations of all of the chakras allowing pure "light" energy to flow throughout one's being"

Nirvana Quartz - Opening to the future, heart/brain synergy, inner silence, destiny, evolution, trust, self-acceptance. 

Nirvana Quartz Crystals resonate at the intersection of past and future time. They have apparently existed in quiet isolation beneath glacial ice for many thousand years, almost as if waiting for this moment to appear in the human world. Though they carry a current of the deep, silent past, their mission is to attune us to not yet formed potential of what can be.

The spiritual beings which express as these complex , almost unearthly crystals, are available to aid us in the evolutionary transmutation which is our highest destiny. The word Nirvana connotes enlightenment, which both reveals and obscures what these crystals offer. They can be conduits for currents of profound inner illumination, yet this awakening, unlike Nirvana as it has been is not an ascension out of the world. It is the incarnation of enlightenment here and now, in our earth bodies.

Petalite: Sometimes called the "Stone of the Angels", Petalite is excellent for spiritual healing. It encourages and promotes connections to angels, spirit guides and totems.

Azozeo Super Activated Crystals carry much higher frequencies than the non-activated versions of the same stones. They emanate powerful currents of subtle matter/energy, or Celestial Fire. They provide a more powerful, clearer and more elevated version of the characteristic of each crystals vibrations. They expand awareness to higher realms, actualize spiritual capacities and open one to enlightenment.

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Beautiful pendant with uplifting energy

Fast shipping (nobody ships faster than shilona ^_^). The pendant is beautiful and carries a healing, uplifting energy which I feel at the moment I put it on 🥳❤️🙏

This pendant really does raise your level of consciousness!

When I received this pendant, I was guided to recalibrate my level of consciousness. Through muscle testing, my consciousness level rose 10 points! Thank you so much for blessing my life!


I've received the pendant....and normally I never write a review of something I've purchased, but, this is so incredible, that I would like to share my story with you
regarding to the pendant.

I've always been a sensitive person, able to see more than beyond our physical eyes..... but for some years now...with some reason, it started to become less and less.....
After receiving the beautyfully packed necklace, something amazing happened.... while opening the box, the whole atmosphere inside the living room
changed immediately. Even my (pregnant) girlfriend was able to feel that and said: "I'm not sure what's going on, but everything starts to become calm over here...can you hear the's almost like every thought is slipping away."

After holding the necklace in my hands for like 2 minutes, an entity showed up, which was that clearly visible for me just like years ago! She presented herself as one of the spirit guides
of my daughter which will be born on, or around 6-6-'19.

And even now, 3 days later, beautiful abilities are coming back again.

Thank you so much!

Linda True
Gorgeous necklace with the most beautiful stones

and powerful collection of rare stones in a classic setting. Can’t begin to describe how much o love it. Super communicative and generous seller. Thank you for the chain, bracelet and quartz! Love them all.