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Atlantisite Crystal Sphere 'Grand Formation'

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Large Rare Atlantisite Crystal Sphere with deep beautiful coloring.

The combination of Serpentine and Stichtite known as Atlantisite can be a powerful aid to spiritual opening, activating the kundalini channel and allowing one to bring energies up from the base chakra, as well as down through the crown. Both the upper and lower energies can then mix with one another in the crucible of the heart, giving rise to an alchemical blend of vibrations that can break through the shell of emotional armoring many people carry. Such a break can allow those with no feeling sense of the heart's energies to fully and consciously experience them. Such an opening may require repeated experiences of deep meditation, but the potential results are worth the effort.

Diameter 3.11" inches / 79.125 mm
Weight 1 lb. 6.9 oz. - 650 grams

A Grand Formation which easily connects to ancient civilizations (i.e., Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis) and, especially, to forms of healing used by those civilizations.