Crimson Cuprite Crystal Altar Stone 'Kundalini Activation'

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Crimson Cuprite Crystal Altar Stone (Polished)

Crimson Cuprite is an energy spinner, bringing vitality, increased energy levels and flow of energy and activation of Kundalini energies. So if you need energy, are low on energy or would like a top up of energy, then Cuprite is for you!

Crimson Cuprite can also be a stone of Alchemy, and it resonates with the archetypes of the Magician and High Priestess. Just as copper conducts electricity well, Crimson Cuprite carries Divine energies from the inner world to their manifestation in the outer world.

Dimensions: 3.15 x 5.6" x 1.6" inches
Weight: 1 lb 3.6 oz | 556 grams

This piece has been beautifully artisan polished on the front & natural and raw on the back of the piece.

The name Cuprite is derived from the Latin cuprum, meaning 'copper'. This mineral a brighter red and is found only in massive form, in oxidized parts of copper deposits.

Crimson Cuprite is profoundly helpful stone for those working on healing issues, irrational anxieties, fears around one's mortality or unconscious anxieties connected to past traumas. Crimson Cuprite offers pure first-chakra energy, and its abundant flow of Prana is a boon to anyone whose first chakra may be closed or week. Meditation with Crimson Cuprite will activate the first chakra and may be instrumental in awakening the kundalini energies. Crimson Cuprite is a stone of feminine power, and it activates the feminine archetype of the Earth goddess. Women who wish to find their own connection to her are advised to wear or meditate wit it and to imagine their own base chakra with a red root extending deep into the Earth.

It is also the case the Earth is our life source as physical beings, offering us nourishment and life giving current. Opening to these currents more fully is essential aspect to the development of the new human being, or simply the whole human being. Crimson Cuprite, with its capacity of opening the base chakra portal to recieve life force from the Earth, aids greatly in a process I want to call by an unusual term - etherization of the blood.

This term is taken from Rudolph Steiner, who coined it. My understanding of the process is that the etheric body is readily able to attune to the currents of the spiritual worlds, and that within the material body the blood is most receptive system for the transfer of spiritual energies into the physical self. The etheric body is deeply entwined with the physical body, and its first entrance into physical body is the flowing, ongoing stream of the blood. When one is able to shift the pattern of the etheric body through voluntary and assisted opening of the chakra portals, new patterns can be readily assimilated into the physical self through the blood.

As we evolve spiritually, we take in higher-vibrational patterns. In order to stay with the new vibrations we bring in (in all of the body's functioning-not only its higher vibrational aspects), the cells must be more fully nourished , cleansed, and filled with prana. The infusion of prana from the Crimson Cuprite helps bring about a synergy of energies-with Supra-Mental Force and other Light vibrations- which we invite to our being. In these ways Crimson Cuprite's gifts are invaluable to the evolutionary acceleration we seek.

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Cuprite activator

Just did a chakra meditation with this and it was wonderful. This little guy does stimulate the root to solar as i normally am moving around after a few minutes with it.