Authentic Monatomic Andara Crystalscomes from a high-energy vortex site in Northern California and the glass is also found in South Africa. They were originally found by an indian medicine woman in 1967. Her name was Lady Nelly. Testing of the soil where they were found proved to be high in monatomic elements.Andara Crystals are master crystals with healing vibrations that are from another world. They are thought by some to be the highest vibrational crystals because they contain Prima Matra (which combines 70 minerals). They support multi-dimensional travel through space and time and increase our awareness and raise our vibrations to access universal knowledge and connect with beings from higher realms. They detox negativity and balance and cleanse the chakras, assist our ability for energy channeling, powerfully heal, and accelerate spiritual development, awareness and manifesting abilities. They are glass like crystals of beautiful transparent colors and share an energy simply not experienced from any other material. Their energy is an anchoring connected to Lemuria.
Uses - Detoxify negativity, Balance Energy, Cleanse, Heal, Ascend