Amethyst Quartz 'Guardian Angel' Pocket Angel Crystal Blessed & Energized

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'Angel In Your Pocket' Hand-Carved Guardian Angel Amethyst Quartz Crystal Pocket Angel Stone.

Powerfully blessed & energized at one the most powerful vortexes in the world, that sits on a crystal plate 270 miles in diameter.

The blessed Pocket angels are an affordable and inspirational gift. If you keep a few in your pocket or purse to give away, you'll be warmly surprised at how much joy they can bring others at just the right time. Choose from a variety of pocket angel Crystals that inspire and lift the human spirit.

Everywhere you go, and everything you do. This gentle, silent helper, is there to be your guide. To shelter and protect you, and for you to walk beside. Your Angel will always help you. Whenever things go wrong , She'll be the wings beneath your feet, as life's path you walk along. Feel this calming presence, be enfolded by its love, and let your life be guided by a power from above."

Dimensions approx 1.3" to 1.5" inches tall 
Weight  approx 4 -12 grams
Origin: Casa, Brazil
Amethyst Keys - Protection, Purification, Divine Connection, Release of Addictions

Why People Love Pocket Angels: Sometimes the smallest thing can bring the most comfort and these Pocket Angels do the job easily. It seems most people are familiar with angels, and it's fun to carry 2 or 3 of these blessed crystal pocket angels around to give to someone we meet who may need one. We have never had anyone tell us someone refused their gift of a pocket angel - most people are intrigued with the notion of having an angel by their side.

Other ideas are to place one under your child's pillow for sweet dreams at night or keep one in your car for safety on the road. There are hundreds of ways these little blessings can be of service, even if only to remind us that we are never alone. They really are a great way to ell friends and family how much they mean to you!

Here is what some had to say...

"I had order one for myself awhile back, and it simply lifted my spirit, so I decided to share the wealth. I brought additional to have on hand, to give to family members who I thought needed a blast of faith and a blessing. They absolutely love it :)"

"A special thank you to the person that mailed this to me. I could feel a very positive vibration coming from the little angel and I felt it was also from the person that mailed it. Nice things happened on the day I received this angel. It has some pretty colors that give it a magical and healing vibration"

"Pocket Angels help other and in my small way, I do my best to help others in need and sometimes make their day. This happens to both people I know and others i don't. These angels are handy to have on hand for those times that someone just needs 'something', to put in their pocket and know it's there if they need it"

"These Sweet little angels carry so much love and good energy, I have gifted about 30 of them already"

Whether it is spiritual or physical, everyone needs some gentle healing along the way. Our Healing Angel is a tiny yet powerful gift that lifts the human spirit!